This project is divided into an artistic component that consists of the set-up Installing Allusions that was a part of the MFA graduation exhibition Kuvan Kevät 2022 and a written component which is a separated publication project titled The Failed Archive. While Installing Allusions is conceived as process of material becoming of a series of discursive practices which mainly focused on the process of re-materialization in the formulation of objects and bodies, and exhibition-making as medium in formulating of an archive of discourses, The Failed Archive attempts to continue this materialization of discursive practices in form writing and publication.

As a continuous discursive practice of the artistic component, as well as a concrete example of its own account of perpetual rematerialization, The Failed Archive consists of two texts titled Archive practice - System of knowledge, Failures, and Discourses and Installing Allusions Revisited - Memory, Body, Material, and Folds. Separately, through re-accounting the formation of system of knowledge and its problems, the Archive practice stands as a theoretical frame-work that contextualizes the discourses that are present in both Installing Allusions and its fictional revisit within a broader historical constellation of discourses. The text of Revisited instead explores the role of writing as a medium or apparatus in further rematerializating discourses. Through a fictional re-visiting of Installing Allusions in form of non-linear experimental writing, the text bonds together the set-up with its process of making, personal memories, sensations, observations, self-conversations, and it embraces reflections that might bring no conclusions, at the same time, it also stands as a definitive index of the abstract archive practice that both Installing Allusions and The Failed Archive attempt to carry out together.

As a further elaboration, of the discourses of the archive and its re-materialization are also embodied within the graphic design intervention of the publication - as in Installing Allusions Revisited - Memory, Body, Material, and Folds an experimental technique of writing that creates folds of detour texts as ramifications from the main text was used, therefore the reader has to constantly choose their own reading path - the folding structure of the papers is specially conceived in order to contain this intersectionality of the reading process. The main part of the publication is loosely put together by several large sheets of paper where the main text, fold text, notes, and illustrations are brought into a temporary linear order through folding, however, the binding of booklet is intentionally left out to encourage a disruption of this order - through potential spatial rearrangements of the textual structure as well as the non-linear, shifting, and oscillating reading between the main text and the fold texts.

Therefore, through emphasizing the physical engagements between the body of the text and the one of the reader, the process of reading re-materializes itself in the constant folding and unfolding gestures, bringing further the quests of linear temporality of the text and books - which was one of the painting subjects in Installing Allusions - into the discursive practices of writing, reading, and book making.